order status. [ updated may 21st]

Your order status will be stated here, from payment to ship out.
All transactions are viewable here, Past and current.
When i shipped your items, i'll wait for a respons up till 30 days, after that i'll put your order into the past transactions (if you didn't reply earlier) assuming that you have recieved your items. Like i stated above, i'm not responsible for lost or damaged items through the mail.
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It's been a long time.

woah, it's such a long time ago i've been on here. but well with nothing to sell, you've got nothing to do here. I picked up my life a bit again, and didn't care much about the internet. I made sure some weeks ago that i'm not ever again going to sell photoshop reprints. I'm so sorry for the people who were still interested. But this took alot of time, and school is much more important to me at the moment.

Other than that i have good news: new items up tonight/tomorrow. All johnny's, dvd's & cd's. I'm not that much into johnny's entertainment anymore, and they need a new good home. just keep an eye on it!

much love, keiichiryo.


I'm way to busy with school at the moment, i don't have the time for it because it's really alot of work to keep this going. Thanks for the people who bought from me, it was a pleasure to do it :] Normal sales will stil be available! love, keiichiryo.

Since i'm able to get reprints in high quality, i'm taking orders for those who are interested.
I update this alot: With newer pics, but also older ones. All Reprints will be 1 USD EACH .
New spree's from time to time, keep checking out.

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